Michael Bastholm Dahl

Michael Bastholm Dahl

Birthday: December 1st.

Instrument: Lead Vocalist

Michael started singing in the 8th grade and over the years he has been playing in various bands. His first real concert was with his first band called “L.A.W.” named after the song “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest. Although the band didn’t last, his lust for performing and writing music did, and went as far as being at the theatre for a few years.

Michael has performed with several musicians but his most enduring commitment has been with local act Indoctrination.

Michael was then kindly asked by Ripe to join the band – a request he couldn’t deny and until now only the skies is the limit and the future awaits!

– Listens to:

AC/DC / Iron Maiden / Def Leppard / Alice Cooper / Motörhead/ Grip Inc. / Pantera / S.O.D. / Mercyful Fate / Judas Priest / Testament / Slayer / Fight / Halford / Megadeth / Overkill / Notre Dame / Dimmu Borgir / W.A.S.P. / Fear Factory / Rob & White Zombie / Witchery / MachineHead / Arch Enemy / Mötley Crüe / King Diamond / Black Sabbath / Death / Kovenant / Bruce Dickinson / Anthrax / Nevermore / Dio / D.A.D. / Faith No More / Mr.Bungle / GZR / Manowar / Iced Earth / Pretty Maids / Ozzy Osbourne / Cradle Of Filth / Sepultura / Soilwork / Old Mans Child and lots of other bands and artists as well!

– Uses:

Behringer Europower PMH 3000 PA systems & Behringer Candioid XM1800s microphones / 100watt Marshall Amps / Flying V KK signature BC Rich Guitars