This page offers info on who Ripe is and how to book us for your venue.


Michael Bastholm Dahl
Phone: +45 29 72 04 60


We don’t have a fixed pricing – it all depends on distance to venue, location, size etc. Please contact us for info on pricing  – don’t worry,  you don’t have to be a millionaire to book us!


Listen to a few tracks from our albums:
Saint of the Scar
The Candle and the Sun
A Part Apart
Backstabbin' Promise
Anthem of Fire



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  • “best of the year Danish hard rock release” (
  • “Ripe brings in elements of 80′s and 90′s Heavy Metal and it’s melodic Heavy Hard Rock grooves all into this giant implosion of their sound” (
  • “From start to finish, a true solid metal release for the fans of power and heavy metal alike!” (
  • “ “The Eloquence of Silence” is a high class heavy metal record, another outstanding effort from the Danes.” (

About Ripe

Ripe is a heavy metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. We play classic heavy metal with elements of power metal and hard rock. Our tunes are powerful and catchy formed by a mix of hard-hitting riffs, blistering vocals and lightning guitar solos.

Ripe has plenty of live experience and has supported Pretty Maids, Iron Fire og Blaze Bayley. Furthermore, on our first album you’ll find guest appearances by Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate), Billy Cross (Bob Dylan) and Dagfinn Joensen (Fate) – and lead vocalist, Michael Bastholm Dahl, is also the frontman of Artillery.

Ripe released “A Moment of Forever” in 2010 and “The Eloquence of Silence” in 2012 on our label, Mighty Music, and 3rd album is in the making and will be released in late 2015.